Is it “entree” or “entry”?

Both entries come from the same root, most closely the French “entrée.” But we English-speakers were using “entry” in the early 14th century; we didn’t go back to the French spelling until the early 18th century, The Oxford English Dictionary says.

What is the difference between entry and entrée?

An entry is place where you enter; entrée is permission to enter. (An entrée is also the main course of a meal. The two words cannot be exchanged for each other.)

What does entrée mean?

: the act or manner of entering : entrance. : freedom of entry or access. : the main course of a meal in the U.S.

How do you spell entrée entrance?

It should be noted that the official entry for almost all dictionaries is entrée with the accent mark. Either way it’s spelled it is still pronounced (on tray). Entree, again mainly in the United States, is the biggest course of a meal.

What makes something an entrée?

entrée in Hospitality At restaurants or formal dinners, the entrée is the main course, or sometimes a dish before the main course. Dinner features a hot entrée of chicken, veal, or lamb. There is a selection of appetizers followed by an entrée. Dessert will be served after the entrée.

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