What goes good with chicken stir-fry?

What goes good with chicken stir-fry?

What to Serve with Fried Chicken (11 Best Side Dishes) Fried Rice.

Why are my stir-fry vegetables soggy?

If you add too many ingredients at once they will overlap and transpiration instead of jumping making them bouncy or soggy.

Can I stir-fry with water?

Stir fry and stir fry – The most common question I get on this topic is how to stir fry or stir fry without butter or oil.

What herbs go in Chinese stir fry?

Tips for making Chinese Five Spice Chicken Stir Fry: This is a mix of star anise cloves cinnamon black pepper and fennel seeds.

What Seasonings Do Chinese use?

Nine basic Chinese seasoning soy sauces.

Why is cheese not popular in China?

For centuries the traditional Chinese diet has had no dairy: no butter no milk no cheese nothing.

Why is there no cheese in Chinese food?

Cows are busy with dairy which makes sense.

What is the best oil for Chinese cooking?

Chinese cooks usually use soybean oil vegetable oil or peanut oil all of which have high smoke points.

How do you thicken stir fry sauce without cornstarch?

1. All purpose flour: You can thicken the sauce with all purpose wheat flour.

What does hoisin sauce taste like?

How does it taste?

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