Do Italians sleep in afternoon?

But, it’s not all about a much-needed snooze in peak heat. Contrary to what most travelers think, Italians don’t nap for three hours — they close their doors to go home, cook, eat with family, and rest a little.

What time do Italians take naps?

The riposo – Italy’s midday siesta You might know it as the siesta. In Italy, it is called riposo. This traditional early afternoon shutdown varies from business to business, but usually lasts about 90 minutes to two hours. It may begin anywhere from noon and 1:30pm and run until anywhere from 2:30 to 4pm.

Do Italians nap after lunch?

“The term comes from Italy’s south, where locals are influenced by warm climate and sunny days, which make them more prone to post-lunch laziness and sleepiness,” says Paola Gillo, a Rome-based linguistics expert.

What is the afternoon nap called in Italy?

A pennica doesn’t leave you time to dream or drool, though you’ll still feel like you’ve dozed off for hours. It is nothing but a commendable activity meant to restore you.

Why do Italians sleep during the day?

Many attribute it to the heat in the middle of the day–which can get extreme in summer–combined with the typically heavy meals eaten as lunch in the Mediterranean diet. Simply put, people get drowsy after a big meal. Italians supposedly are embracing this biological fact as part of their natural clock…

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