How do you keep a semi naked cake from drying out?

Make yourself a batch of sugar syrup (equal parts sugar and water boiled for a few minutes and cooled). This will keep your cake nice and soft and stop it from drying out.

Do naked cakes get dry?

No, they will not dry out. If you are baking your cakes and storing them until you are ready to frost and stack them, wrap them in plastic wrap to trap the moisture and keep the cakes moist. You can also brush a layer of simple syrup on the outside of the cakes before frosting them to help keep them moist.

How do you keep a cake moist all day?

How to keep cakes moist overnight. While the cake is still hot, wrap it with a layer of plastic wrap, then a layer of aluminum foil, and put it in the freezer. The water created by the cake’s residual heat will keep it moist (but not too moist) in the freezer.

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