Is wedding cake and birthday cake the same strain?

They may both have cake in their name, but don’t let this similarity fool you. Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake are two completely different strains. Though both indica dominant hybrids with a sweet flavor, the Birthday Cake strain is bred from two equally indulgent strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie.

What is the strain of Birthday Cake?

Birthday Cake, sometimes referred to as Birthday Cake Kush or Wedding Cake, is an indica-dominant hybrid with surprisingly well-balanced effects. Its parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, lend to its sweet-ish, slightly fruity flavor profile and its euphoric and uplifting yet relaxing effects.

What is Wedding Cake strain genetics?

The Wedding Cake is a rare indica-dominant strain created by the legendary breeder Seed Junky Genetics. It is widely believed to be the result of crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, but some budsmen maintain that it is a cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints.

Is Wedding Cake a clone only strain?

This clone-only cut has dense purple and green flowers with hints of pink are covered in sparkling resin resulting in a gorgeous looking flower. The aroma is dominating with vanilla cake frosting and strong gas, earth, and funk. The on-set may leave users feeling relaxed, uplifted, and creative.

What is close to Wedding Cake strain?

The Wedding Cake strain discussed in this review is a cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). If you are from Canada, you may know this strain by its other name, Pink Cookies. The other is a cross of Animal Mints and Triangle Kush, and apart from Wedding Cake, its other name is Triangle Mints #23.

Is Birthday Cake top shelf?

Birthday Cake Kush Medical Effects The Strain was top shelf so you are expected to pay more for the strain which is always fine as long as the quality is there and has strong medicinal effects.

Is Cake strain sativa or indica?

Kush Cake strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that’s high in THC.

What is the strongest strain of indica?

The strongest strain of Indica is Grandmommy Purple . Being 80% Indica with THC levels of up to 33%, Grandmommy Feminized Seeds give a potent calming physical buzz that could last a couple of hours.

How much is a gram of Wedding Cake strain?

Wedding Cake rosin runs you about $75 per gram.

When should I harvest my Wedding Cake strain?

Indoor Wedding Cake will finish in about 9 weeks and can reach around 500–600g/m², while outdoor it will finish around October. Wedding Cake is not the easiest plant to grow and is not recommended for first time growers.

What does Birthday Cake Stiiizy taste like?

About this strain: Birthday Cake This cake reportedly delivers 24%-26% THC along with spicy, piney smoke and a sweet taste, according to ACSB.

Is premium jack the same as Jack Herer?

The Premium Jack, also known as Jack Herer or JH is from the Sativa lineage. However, it is a hybrid strain with 55% Sativa percentage. It was produced by the combination of the excellent Jack Herer with Haze and Shiva Skunk.

Is pink cookies Wedding Cake?

Pink Cookies, also commonly known as Wedding Cake, is reportedly a cross of Cherry Pie and GSC (also known as Girl Scout Cookies). The strain is reported to grow dense, teardrop-shaped buds with orange stigma hairs and shades of pink and red in a 56-day flowering period.

What is the rarest strain?

Malawi Gold is one of the rarest strains in the entire world. Grown naturally in Malawi for generations, this legendary landrace strain remains consistent, uniform, and universally loved. Although, unlike many popular modern hybrids, Malawi Gold has a moderate THC level.

What strain is 100% indica?

Hindu Kush You can’t talk indicas without starting with the classics, mainly because the classics are the only strains that are truly pure indica or sativa. Everything on the shelves these days is just a straight hybrid of sorts. The Hindu Kush, however, is as pure as pure indicas come.

What strain is best for female arousal?

From the name, you can easily guess that Girl Scout Cookies is the best strain for female arousal. Being an Indica-dominant strain, it is relaxing and stress relieving. Its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties make it the best for receiving roles in the bedroom.

Why is Wedding Cake strain so popular?

Wedding Cake strain gets more and more popular due to its universal effects – it is excellent for medical as well as recreational purposes.

What kind of high is Wedding Cake?

Does SI Do strain Stiiizy?

Description: An indica-dominant hybrid between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. Do-Si-Dos has qualities similar to Girls Scout Cookies that offer a buzz that melts down the body.

What does Sour Diesel do to you?

Sour Diesel has a classic sativa mind high: invigorating, creative, and energizing. Patients with depression and stress are recommended Sour Diesel for its obvious and almost instant effect on mood. Because of its potency, users must be careful they don’ let their racing thoughts overwhelm.

What is a true indica?

True OG is a popular indica marijuana strain bred with genetics from OG Kush. This strain was originally discovered in Southern California, where the term “OG” originally meant “ocean grown.” True OG is potent, with long-lasting effects combined with a more focused head high.

What strain do rappers smoke?

OG Kush. This strain is guaranteed to be the most recognizable strain of weed on this list. This strain has been mentioned by almost every act in Hip-Hop today including the Migos, Roddy Rich, Chief Keef and a multitude of others.

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