What is the highest cake ever made?

What is the heaviest cake in the world?

BUCHAREST: Bucharest set a new record Sunday for the world’s heaviest cake, weighing in at 281 kilogrammes (619 pounds), after two other bids this week for the longest sausage and biggest Christmas give-away.

How many layers is the tallest cake in the world?

A gigantic 260-layer cake that took 145 hours to make has broken a world record.

Who made the world’s biggest cake?

What is the Flavour of the world’s longest cake?

The vanilla cake, four inches (10 centimetres) wide and thick, weighed in at about 27,000 kilograms (59,500 pounds). It was a record-baking effort. Hundreds of bakers and chefs in southern India came together Wednesday to create what they said is the world’s longest cake — about 6.5 kilometres (four miles).

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