What is the significance of cutting the cake at a wedding?

Cutting the Cake Along with the first dance and bouquet toss, this charming tradition is one of those photo opportunities that graces every wedding album. The cake cutting represents the first activity done as a couple, although historically the bride did this act alone to symbolize the loss of her virginity.

What does cake cutting in a wedding symbolize?

CAKE CUTTING – symbolizes the couple’s first task as husband and wife. The groom will first feed his bride with cake followed by the the bride. It symbolizes the newly wed’s commitment for each other. If you want to be spiritual about it, the cake symbolizes “bread” Christ’s body.

Where does the cake cutting tradition come from?

In Victorian times the wedding cake was known as the ‘brides cake’ and originally the bride would cut the cake and distribute it to her guests herself. As wedding parties grew so did the cake and the bride obviously needed help cutting the cake. The groom would help and this is where the cake cutting moment comes from!

What is the purpose of cutting cake?

A cutting cake is a very small cake created for the sole purpose of giving newlyweds the opportunity to participate in a tradition without spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on something they don’t actually want to serve for dessert.

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