Why is cost of bread so high?

Like many industries, food manufacturers are short-staffed. As a result, wages are going up to recruit workers, and suddenly the cost of making bread is that much more expensive. “These are extremely tight labor markets,” Mahon said.

Where is bread 10 dollars a loaf?

The latest evidence is $10 for a loaf of bread. A Chicago-based restaurant began selling 2-pound loaves of their bread for a whopping $10 each hoping to offset higher costs for flour, eggs, butter, and other ingredients.

Is loaf of bread going up in price?

Add bread to a growing list of basics that are rising in price and crushing consumer sentiment. Amid the highest US inflation in four decades, bread prices have soared this year, pushing more premium options to an unheard-of $10 a loaf and beyond.

What is the average cost of a loaf of bread?

The average cost of a loaf of bread is $2.50, according to Study-in-US.org. However, depending upon where you live, the cost can fluctuate dramatically.

Why is bread expensive in America?

A falling dollar, combined with production shortfalls anywhere in the world, cause nonfat dry milk to flow out of the US to meet rising world-wide demand, resulting in rising prices in the US. The price of bread, on the other hand, has risen in large measure because it’s market is not a global one.

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